Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whose Working for Who?

In this writer's lifetime the computer has gone from being something that seemed mainly good for playing video games, to being at the absolute center of most people's working world. Even if your job isn't directly related to the computer the odds are it plays a major role in how you market yourself and stay in touch with friends and colleagues.

Computers, the web, cellphones, iPads, PDAs and the whole lot have us more connected than ever before. Ostensibly, they make our jobs easier, keep us in touch with what's going on and grant us more personal freedom by allowing many of us to travel and work anywhere. . .Or do they?

According to a survey conducted earlier this summer by, nearly a third of workers polled admitted to checking their work emails or voicemails while they were on vacation. Based on statistics put out by the Baltimore Sun, that's a 25 percent increase from last year.

It's ironic that all the devices and communication mediums we have created in order to master our lives now seem in danger of mastering us. Let's face it; unless you're the governor or the chief negotiator for the mid-east peace process, the odds are your job will run itself without you while you are on vacation.

As for your computer while you’re on holiday? Once you've used it to check the weather or the surf report, try turning if off. Or better yet, if you’re feeling really bold . . . leaving it behind altogether.

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