Sunday, September 19, 2010

iPad as Prius, Galaxy as Insight?

The Toyota Prius has enjoyed a five-year run as the most popular hybrid vehicle on the market. Its closest competition, the Honda Insight, is struggling to remain viable at all and rumor has in Honda is planning on scrapping it in favor of a new sport hybrid.

The iPad, like the Toyota Prius has been a very successful product that has also utterly dominated its area of the market, namely notebook computers. The iPad has enjoyed very little in the way of competition since it first hit the market back in April. Perhaps until now that is.

Samsung has just released its own new, Android-based tablet computer, the Galaxy Tab. Tech pundits everywhere are calling the Galaxy the first tablet computer, yet to appear, that may actually give the iPad a run for its money.

Its use of Linux means it will offer user greater control over security measures. And being Android based means it will provide access to the growing and open market of apps that exist for Android based devices.

Smaller and lighter than the iPad, the Galaxy certainly could give the iPad a run for its money.
The Galaxy has a 7-inch screen, compared to the iPad 9.7-incher. Some may see this as a plus for the greater portability it allows while others may regard it as a minus due to having to contend with the smaller screen size. The Galaxy is also somewhat nebulous when it comes to price. While it's expected to retail for between $200 and $300, it has a $25 monthly data plan and two-year contract attached to it that brings its actual price up to around $800.

Still in spite of these potential drawbacks, the Galaxy earns high marks in most categories. Whether it will succeed where the Honda Insight has apparently failed remains to be seen. But given Apple's blaise response to antennae problems on the new iPhone, perhaps a little competition would give the company a new lease on the idea of "user-friendliness" it seems to have lost sight of.

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