Monday, September 13, 2010

Souping Up Your Browser

People have been souping up cars for years now. From Chevy Malibus to Pontiac GTOs, we have all had our head turned by a pimped once or twice. Flash paint jobs, a little something extra under the hood, you know the treatment.

People generally soup up a car to make it look better and go faster. These are the qualities true gear heads prize most in their cars: looks and performance. Interestingly, these are also the very same qualities most of us value in our web browsers.

Everyone I know seems to be constantly modifying and tinkering his or her web browser, as if it were some fabulous hot rod out in the garage. We download custom dashboards we trick out the finish with skins and graphics. We get rid of anything heavy and cumbersome that would slow us down. Cookies, browser caches, and old downloads are discarded like so many bits of scrap metal that have been hacked off in the chop shop.

Google Chrome certainly seems to understand the similarities between optimizing your web browser and fixing up a muscle car. After all the browser speed test designed to optimize performance for Chrome is named after an engine. It's called the V8.

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