Monday, September 27, 2010

Media Darlings of the Computer World

The New York Times reported today on a new study put out by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism. The study was aimed at determining which tech company gets the most coverage in the media. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the study determined that Apple Computer gets the most media coverage, effectively making the company the Brad and Angelina of the computer world.

Apple beat out its competitors, garnering a whopping 15.1 percent of all tech-related media coverage. Its closest rival was Google, who with 11.3 percent of the coverage could perhaps be seen as the Tom and Kate of the equation, while Microsoft, with a mere 3 percent, could be regarded as the Ben and Jen of tech media coverage.

The results are as much a testament to Apple's marketing savvy as they are to its technological innovations. Steve Jobs is perhaps the closest thing to Paris Hilton the tech world has when it comes to capturing the media's attentions. His showman-like manner for unveiling new or updated iProducts two or three times a year always generates a blast of news coverage.

Starting with the iPod in 2001, going through the iPhone and into the iPad, Apple has consistently put out products that turn heads. Little stumbling blocks like the antennae problems with the new iPhone, amount to nothing more than Paris being busted for drugs or Lindsay getting nailed for drunk driving: Just a little bump in the road that for better or for worse, makes the object of our fascination that much more interesting.

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