Monday, September 5, 2011

Tennis Player Experiences Buffering Problems

Wow. . . awkward. That's certainly how watching the video of tennis player Rafael Nadal experiencing severe cramps during a post game press conference at the U.S. Open made me feel.

Nadal had just defeated David Nalbandian in straight sets and was getting ready to field questions from reporters when he began to grimace in agony and slowly slid himself lower into his chair before eventually calling for the physio.

Watching the video reminded me of the rooftop party I went to last night where we were trying to watch cool music videos from YouTube projected onto a screen. But like the tennis player in front of the microphone, the YouTube music videos of Meatloaf, Mud and the Runaways kept seizing up and freezing. It may not have been as bad as severe post match leg cramps, but believe me, it was still kind of agonizing.

Here's a good one we were never quite able to watch due to severe buffering problems:

Luckily Nadal recovered well enough to continue his press conference ten minutes later. Provided he can sort out his problems with cramps and blisters, Nadal remains a heavy favorite to win the U.S. Open.

We weren't so lucky up on the rooftop. With a late summer storm in the air and lightning flashes in the distance, we eventually abandoned anything that required an Internet connection and went old school by watching the Zucker, Abrahams, Zucker classic, Airplane on DVD.

It was as if, the fog was getting thicker, and Leon was getting laaarrrggger.

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