Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Apple Execs Apparently Can't Hold their Tequila

In a situation bizarrely similar to events that took place just last year, an Apple employee has once again misplaced an as of yet to be released version of the iPhone in a bar.

I'm not making this up. It's happened before.

Last year criminal charges were filed in San Mateo against a couple guys who apparently found another unreleased model iPhone in a bar and made arrangements to sell the prototype to the website Gizmodo.

This year's incident allegedly took place at a tequila bar in San Francisco's Mission District last month. Now anyone who knows the Mission will tell you that they've got good tequila there. Darn good, so Computers As Humans would advise that if you work at a tech firm and you're going out for shots after work, you leave the unreleased prototype at the office. In fact might I recommend that the good people at Apple consider implementing a policy of some sort in regard to these matters.

In the most recent case, Apple was able to electronically trace the lost device to someone in San Francisco but of course when confronted, they were all like, "Missing phone? What missing phone?" A report from the Associated Press inferred that the prototype was most likely sold in an online auction like eBay.

Well. . . good luck going in for an upgrade with that baby.

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