Friday, July 8, 2011

A Warning from Zee Germans!?

In another sign of Apple's growing vulnerability to cyber-attacks, the company has issued a kind of preemptive warning about an attack that hasn't actually taken place. Why? Why because of zee Germans of course. . .

It seems our Teutonic friends have stumbled upon a hole in the security of the popular iPod touch, iPhone and iPad devices. In fact it was none other than the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) that brought the point of vulnerability to the attention of the Silicone Valley-based tech giant.

According to the German agency, this security flaw could potentially allow hackers to breach the security of Apple mobile devices by sending an email containing a PDF infected with malicious code.

Once the malware infiltrates the device it could be capable of accessing emails, passwords, contact lists and location information. Hackers might also potentially be able to remotely operate cameras and eavesdrop on phone calls.

Apple is taking no chances in spite of the fact that no actual threat of an attack has yet been indicated. But according to the Germans, hackers are likely to try and take advantage of this vulnerability. Apple obviously wants to be careful and if you want to be careful, who better to take advice from than the Germans?

As of Friday, representatives from Apple have indicated the company is working on devising a solution to the potential security breach.

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