Thursday, July 7, 2011

Apple Rumored to be Readying Another New iPad this Fall

Although Apple has only just recently released the iPad 2, the company is apparently already ramping up for a Fall release of a newer version of the popular tablet computer. The version that is reportedly dropping sometime in September isn't so much the iPad 3 as it is a slightly more enhanced version of the iPad 2.

The iPad HD will have very similar specs to the iPad 2 but it will have double the screen resolution. The proposed tablet seems to be geared toward photography and film production professionals. Apple is well aware that it is the preferred brand by many in the entertainment, media and content creation industries.

Digital technology is already making it easier to shoot movies with smaller, more portable equipment. Being able to upload footage onto a tablet computer and edit anywhere could provide enormous freedom for filmmakers and photojournalists working on location or assignment.

As tablet computers grow in their capabilities they will likely enable more and more professionals to work more freely and on-the-go. Just as musicians can record albums with little more than a laptop, a microphone and some software, it may soon be feasible to create quality feature length filmed content using little more than a digital camera and a tablet computer.

Thirty or forty years ago was when people began buying smaller, more economical cars for the first time on a widespread basis. People preferred the mobility and lower fuel overhead. Tablet computers could prove to be the Datsuns and Toyotas of the computer world, inspiring people to choose the smaller, more portable option. It's more than likely that Apple will soon release a version of the device that doesn't need to be synced to a desktop but can instead serve as ones primary computing device.

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