Friday, March 4, 2011

Trade-In Madness Strikes the iPad Market

This iPad? Why it was owned by a little old lady from Pasadena who just used it to do her online shopping on Sundays.

Well, that could be the line you'll be hearing soon anyway as thousands of people are trading in their original iPads in preparation for upgrading to the new iPad 2 which was unveiled this week. Trade-in programs set up by eBay, Gazelle and Nextworth were initially offering customers a cash buy back of $550. However that amount has since been reduced as there has been a huge influx of iPad owners eager to unload last year's model in order to buy the new 2.0 version.

Additionally with the substantially improved iPad 2 due out in just a week and available for basically the same price the original iPad has been going for, their has been a near epidemic of buyer's remorse amongst recent purchasers of the popular tablet computer. Apple has responded by offering customers who've purchased iPads in the last two weeks a $100 cash rebate.

Of course the upside of all this trade-in madness is that if you're not ready to splash out five or six hundred bucks on a new iPad 2 there will be most assuredly be great deals to be had on used versions of the original model. With Apple's rebate effectively reducing the sticker price to around $350 and thousands of units soon to be available on the refurbished market, there has never been a better time to purchase an iPad.

Unless of course that is you want the latest model with it's thinner, lighter design, front and rear facing cameras, faster processor and updated graphics card. But who would want all that stuff?

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