Monday, March 7, 2011

The First Virtual Wedding

A California couple were married via Skype over the weekend after a serious lung infection lead to the groom being admitted to the isolation ward in the hospital mere days before his impending nuptials.

The Fullerton couple had friends and relatives traveling from as far as their native Korea and were hard pressed to call off or reschedule the ceremony on such short notice. The 27-year old groom began spitting up blood early in the week and was too nervous to inform his bride to be. However when he finally did inform her guests were already arriving in town and they had to improvise a solution on the double.

That solution was a virtual ceremony shot by four professional cameramen and beamed via split screen over Skype from the church and the groom's nearby hospital ward which was decorated by flowers his attending nurses gifted the couple.

Obviously getting married virtually was less than ideal for the young couple. But under the circumstances it was probably the best possible option available. Thankfully the newlywed's honeymoon is set to take place in the real world with the groom having surprised his bride with two tickets to Europe where they will visit Prague and Paris.

The groom is said to be making a rapid recovery and is set to leave the hospital this week.

As to whether this will ignite a craze in virtual weddings, it would seem doubtful. However it could lead to a trend in virtual divorce proceedings. While it may be a disappointing means of tying the knot, Skype would seem like the ideal way to communicate for two people who can no longer stand to be in the same room with one another.

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