Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Sporty, Affordable Mac Laptop

The new $999.00 MacBook that is available from Apple Computer, is kind of the computer equivalent of a Japanese sport coupe': affordable, fast and economic. This year's model of the popular MacBook laptop has a speedier processor under the hood, better quality graphics and even longer battery life.

Visually, however the MacBook is more like a Porsche than a Japanese sports car. Not because the MacBook is particularly sporty looking but more because, like Porsches, they seem to look basically the same from year to year. Accordingly the new MacBook has essentially the same white unibody as last year's model.

But while it may look like the same old MacBook, this years model is more like a muscle car under the hood. Powered by a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, the new MacBook makes it much easier to speed through everyday tasks like checking email and navigating the Web. It also gives a nice boost to graphic performance.

The battery has also been revved up a little bit and is purported to last up to ten hours, which is three more than last years model.

The new MacBook is also very affordable for a Mac laptop. This makes it easier to consider some of the enticing extra options that are available. You can boost the MacBook's RAM to 4GB for $100. For $50 you can add a 320GB drive and for $150 more you can add one that's 500GB.

If the new MacBook lives up to it's promise this could be one of the best computer buys of the year so far. Speedy, affordable and energy efficient, if they could make a car with the same characteristics as this computer, I'd probably recommend that you buy that as well.

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