Tuesday, May 4, 2010

iPad Outdoes World Cup and Justin Bieber

The iPad has been on the market for a month and a day now. Yesterday Apple reported that in that time they have sold over one million of the little tablet sized computers. That means the iPad has been moving at twice the speed of the original iPhone which "only" moved a million units after two months.

In the world of computers and tech there is simply nothing that can touch the iPad currently when it comes to sales figures. However the speed of the iPad's sales rate has lead Computers As Humans to ponder what else, if anything, is currently selling at the rate of one million a month.

Last month Associated Press reported that World Cup ticket sales have been lagging. With nearly half a million tickets that remain unsold, nearly a quarter of what's available, organizers fear games will be played out in partially empty stadiums. In the fact the roughly 1.5 million tickets that have been sold have been sold over a period of more than one year. So that's that.

Earlier this year Koichi Kondo, the executive vice president of Honda said he didn't even think the Honda insight would reach it's projected sales goal of 200,000 cars sold worldwide, never mind trying to sell a million in a month.

Even teen-pop sensation Justin Bieber can't seem to keep up with the iPad. His "My World 2.0" debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard charts, selling an average of 92,000 copies a week for the first month. But that only amounts to just under 400,000 copies.

The numbers are in and for the month of April anyway, it seems as if the iPad is truly, the hottest iTem on Earth.

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