Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Versatile ThinkPad That's Wired for Sound

Chinese computer giant Lenovo, whose computers have long been utilized by big corporations, have branched out into the consumer and small business market with their clever ThinkPad laptop.

The ThinkPad is a loaded business laptop that's been decked out with a Dolby Home Theater 4 enhanced audio system. The ThinkPad has a high definition image screen and is enclosed in a midnight black body case. Think of a fully loaded Audi coupe with Bose sound system and you get the idea.

The Lenovo is the first business computer to be equipped with such a deadly sound system. The Dolby software is designed to make it sound as if you are hearing things in surround sound even though the audio is delivered on stereo speakers. This makes any kind of audio really resonate on the Lenovo. Music, film soundtracks and business conference calls all come through with a clarity that is unheard of on most laptop computers.

The thinking behind this is that like people do with their cars, people are using their business computers to work and play these days. Other enhanced features included on the Lenovo include game speed graphics, vivid screens and HDMI ports for routing media to high def TV screens.

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