Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Firefox Tops the Table In Europe

Firefox has overtaken Internet Explorer for the first time to become the most popular browser used in Europe. Current figures put Firefox as having a 38.11% market share while IE has dropped down to 37.52%.

This change at the top of the table is not so much a result of Firefox gaining ground as it is one of IE losing market share to Google's now Chrome browser. If you were put it into the terms of the current English Premier League title race it'd be like Arsenal taking points away from Manchester City and allowing Manchester United to get clear at the top of the table.

Actually the numbers in the Premier League race are very close to those in the browser race with Arsenal holding 39 points in third while City and United are tied at the top of the table with 41. That means if they were in competition with each other Firefox would be in fourth place right behind Arsenal with Internet Explorer in fifth just above Spurs.

As to whether or not Arsenal will act as Google Chrome and bleed points away from City, we'll find out at noon tomorrow when the two clash. The question of whether IE will ever be the top team on the European browser market table again is more difficult to answer. Google Chrome has experienced a tremendous burst of growth on the European market over the last year, having nearly tripled its market share. In Premier League terms this makes it seem less like Arsenal and rather more like Tottenham Hotspur who also enjoyed a tremendous 2010.

As to which race will be more intriguing to watch, well I'm betting that Premier League will be a bit more hotted up than the browser race. Facts and figures can be fun to juggle and play off one another however they're no substitute for the action that takes place out on the pitch.

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