Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bad Flu Season Ahead for Computers

Cyber-security firm, McAfee has published a threat-assessment report for the second quarter of 2010. The report has revealed that the danger of being infected with computer malware viruses is at an all-time high.

The report's findings reveal that just as viruses which effect humans continue to evolve and adapt to medicine's attempts to thwart them, computer malware is evolving in much the same way. Of course the difference is that there is a human element behind computer borne viruses. From the look of things it appears that that human element is becoming ever-more astute.

A McAfee press release related to the threat-assessment, has stated that, "It's also obvious that cybercriminals are becoming more in tune with what the general public is passionate about from a technology perspective and using it to lure unsuspecting victims."

Like any good doctor advising patients on preventative measures to take during a particularly bad flu season, McAfee has issued their own prescription to the general public.

Among other things, McAfee's prescription urges organizations to test their own security measures by employing the same sorts of techniques employed by hackers. McAfee has also called for more education on the dangers of malware as well as more cooperation and sharing of information between cybersecurity professionals.

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