Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Dell Latitude Takes to the Road

The iPad continues to run rampant over the tech world, much as Barcelona did to a woefully outmatched Arsenal in Tuesday night's Champions League quarter final clash (Yes, I to find it amazing that I am able to work so many soccer references into what is essentially a tech blog).

However elsewhere in the computer world, other things are happening. Other products are being released. Dell Computer for instance has today released the Dell Latitude E6410 and E6510. The significance of this? The Dells, unlike the iPad, or the most recent Apple MacBook Pros for that matter, have something special under the hood: Intel's latest processor updates.

Both the E6s, the 410 and the 510 are equipped with the Intel dual core Core i5 and Core i7 processors respectively. Not only that but the 510 has an extras option to be outfitted with quad-core i7s. Now if you're like me, and you enjoy surfing in the wake that technology has left behind, let me assure you that what that translates to is a lot of power, with the option for even more power.

The 410 and the 510 can be almost regarded as the new Mercedes SLR McLaren of the laptop world. Because not only are they powerful, but they are big with 14 and 15 inch backlit screens respectively. The exteriors of the new latitudes are done in steel reinforced magnesium alloy. Even the color options are something akin to a luxury German sports car: red, blue and of course. . . dark silver.

Stylish, sophisticated and fast. Am I talking about the new SLR or the Latitudes? Well. . .both in fact. The Latitudes have the Core i5 and Core i7 processors. The McLaren SLR has a turbo charged 6.0 liter V-12. However the Dell in fact offers some distinct advantages over the McLaren. For while the SLR is sleek, fast and comfortable, extras and additions have been minimized in favor of raw speed and power.

The Dell Latitudes on the other hand, are laden with extras. In addition to sleek design and high speed they are equipped with 3-megapixel webcams, Blu-ray drives, 4G wireless devices and the most advanced of Intel's WiFi cards.

However, like the Mercedes SLR McLaren, all of this speed makes the Dell Latitude something of a gas guzzler. Because of that Dell is offering several battery options including 6-cell and 9-cell versions that protude out of the back as well as a 12-cell battery that actually slides underneath the computer's base.

The good news however is that unlike the McLaren, the Dell is something of a bargain. For while the Mercedes McLaren SLR costs somewhere in the vicinity of 200 grand, the Dell Latitude E6410 and 510 can be yours for $1,681 and $1,750 respectively. And that's a lot of bang for your buck.

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