Thursday, March 25, 2010

President Obama's long awaited health care reform bill was approved this week. Since then it's been criticized for being both too liberal and too conservative, depending on how's doing the criticizing. Although those who feel it's too liberal seem to be doing the loudest shouting.

Also released this week, and to altogether more unanimously positive reviews was the new Gateway NV7915u. A spiffy little laptop, the NV79 is designed to be a low cost desktop replacement and to that end it manages to deliver the goods. CNET called it's predecessor, the NV7820u one of last year's "best bang-for-your-buck retail laptops," and the new model offers several improvements including a faster processor and an even lower price.

The NV79 is stylish, with a black and silver honeycombed finish. It's lightweight and has an ergonomic keyboard. It's fast processor, versatility and low price liken it to a sporty subcompact car: quick, maneuverable and economical. Rather like the 1.5 liter Honda Fit.

Similarly affordable, the Fit offers many of the same features as the NV79. It's compact, portable, quick and stylish. Both are extremely economical with the NV79's estimated annual energy cost being $5.17 and the Fit averaging 33 mpg on the highway and 27 in the city.

The Fit and the NV79 are also both similarly responsive, the NV79 with it's recessed touch pad and quick travel keys, the Fit with it's torsion beam rear suspension and electric power rack and pinion steering. Officially classified by the EPA as a small station wagon, the Fit offers just about all the versatility one could reasonably ask for in a subcompact. It's nimble, economical, practical and relatively safe.

The NV79 also delivers as far as a low-cost desktop replacement. It's got 4GB of memory, a 2.13GHz Intel Core, a 500 GB hard drive and, arguably a better speaker system than the Fit.

So while it may take some time for everyone to agree on the health plan, it's clear that if you're looking for an affordable subcompact car or laptop, there are currently some good options to choose from.

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